Thomas and his crew have done substantial work on my house. First as a remodel, then after an accident damaged the house, and lastly rebuilt my deck and did some exterior work. The work is high quality. When issues arise (they don't often) they are responsive. Totally recommend!

Willie S.


Thomas and his team are excellent to work with and probably one of the more professional builders I have come across. Pricing is up front, honest and if anything changes ( + or -) I get an update. I had my roof done by his team and I never found one nail or piece of trash around my house. Also, only one pack of shingles were left over, so to me some excellent estimation. They took care of my yard, hardly no damage to my grass, even with their huge trucks. High recommend them!

A Happy Customer


When Thomas and his team from T F Building Solutions came to work for me, I was in a bit of a mess. Although I had a great beginning to my 1920's kitchen remodeling, it had to be sidelined because my son (my remodeler) had a major job changes and couldn't finish. Over the next few months, I had and lost 2 other workers, and I was in a HUGE mess.

Thomas and company came with glowing recommendations, and they were all true!! They dealt with so many issues and worked so hard. Within less than 8 days, I had my beautiful, updated kitchen and side bath. They were efficient, knowledgeable, more than capable, I couldn't have asked for better people to put my puzzle pieces back together. I am the envy of my friends! If you are blessed to have them do your work, you will not be disappointed!

Lauren G.